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Leading Solar Solutions & Fabrication Services in Goa

SteelZest is a pioneering company in the renewable energy and fabrication sectors, headquartered in Margao, Goa. Founded in 2019, we have swiftly expanded our horizons to include solar system integration in 2020. Registered with the prestigious Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) under the Government of Goa, we are at the forefront of promoting power generation from non-conventional sources of energy.

Our mission is to revolutionize the energy landscape in Goa by making solar solutions accessible and affordable for all. We strive to be the catalyst that drives the state towards a greener and more sustainable future, while also providing exceptional fabrication services to meet the diverse needs of commercial and industrial clients.

At the core of SteelZest's operations lies a customer-centric approach, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for every client.

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Cut costs with SteelZest's solar solutions. Our efficient systems deliver quick ROI and affordable financing options.

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Trust SteelZest's seasoned pros for top-notch solar and fabrication solutions.

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Our Services

Solar & Fabrication Services

On-Grid System

Generate clean, green electricity and connect to the grid for seamless energy backup.

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Solar Lights

Easy installation, cost-effective option with solar panel, battery, and LED light integrated in one unit.

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Solar Water Heater

Enjoy hot showers powered by the sun. Save money and decrease energy consumption.

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Precision metal Fabrication

From concept to creation, we tailor each piece to perfection, ensuring durability and precision .

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Structural Welding

Whether it's construction or repairs, our skilled team ensures structural integrity.

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Custom Welding

From gates to artistic installations, our skilled craftsmen bring creativity and precision to each project.

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Our Work Process

Step 01

Reach out to SteelZest to discuss your solar or fabrication needs.

Step 02
Customized Proposal

Receive a personalized proposal tailored to your requirements.

Step 03

Our skilled technicians bring your vision to life with expert installation or fabrication.

Step 04
Completion and Follow-up

Provide you with a documentation and instructions for maintenance.


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I was very impressed by the excellent customer support I received from this developer. He responded to my email queries promptly and professionally, and even offered to assist me further through Skype chat.

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The theme has all the elements which I want in my website, Regarding support, the team has replied on time and they have done all the issues without any questions, I will suggest to all to get this theme for their business.

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Powering Goa's Sustainable Future, Together

At SteelZest, we're passionate about providing exceptional solar solutions and fabrication services in Goa. Here's why you should choose us for your clean energy and metalwork needs:


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Explore our FAQ hub for insights on solar solutions and fabrication services. From solar panel installation to custom metalwork, find answers to your burning questions here.

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01. What services does SteelZest offer?

SteelZest is a leading provider of sustainable solutions in Goa. We offer two main services: Solar Solutions: We design, install, and maintain rooftop solar systems, solar water heaters, and solar lights for homes, businesses, and institutions. Fabrication Services: We specialize in high-quality metal fabrication services for commercial and industrial clients.

SteelZest offers a wide range of metal fabrication services, including: Cutting and Bending Welding and Assembly Sheet Metal Fabrication Structural Steel Fabrication

Yes, we understand that upfront costs can be a concern. We partner with financial institutions to provide financing options to make the switch to solar more affordable.