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01. Why should I consider going solar?

Going solar can reduce your electricity bills, increase your property's value, contribute to energy independence, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar panels can still generate power on cloudy days, although their output is reduced. High-efficiency panels and battery storage can help offset these effects.

Solar panel installations have been shown to increase property value by providing future cost savings on energy bills for the new homeowner.

Minimal maintenance! SteelZest installs high-quality panels designed to withstand harsh weather. Occasional cleaning (usually by natural rain) is all that's typically needed.

05. Is solar a good investment for my home/business in Goa?

Absolutely! Goa receives excellent sunlight throughout the year, making it ideal for solar power generation. SteelZest can help you calculate potential savings and show you how solar can pay for itself over time.

SteelZest takes care of everything. We'll guide you through the consultation, design, permitting, installation, and connection process. We'll even help you understand available government incentives.

The cost depends on your energy needs, roof size, and chosen system. SteelZest offers free consultations and quotes to determine the best and most affordable system for you.

Yes, Goa offers net metering programs. SteelZest can explain how you can earn credits for excess electricity generated by your solar system.

SteelZest is a GEDA-registered company with experienced technicians. We provide customized solar solutions, top-notch fabrication (if needed), and local expertise to ensure your system is efficient and built to last.